A One Time Fix

A struggling couple from Anderson County found themselves barely squeaking by financially, often not being able to live paycheck to paycheck.  The husband had a disability which resulted in him not being able to work.  The one activity he could do, not interfering with his disability, was playing the drums.  He joined a band which was scheduled to tour the southeastern region of the country.  Before the trip he needed money to pay for his share of the expected living expenses. 


However, the couple found themselves in between paychecks and still had a week until payday.  Looking for the easy fix, the wife went to a payday lending store and received a loan for $250.00.  Unable to repay the loan she instead was required to re-new paying $54.00 interest every two weeks.   The couple was able to refinance their home and 18 months later pay off the loan.  The total loan cost for the family, was $1,944, with $1,695 in interest (452%APR). 


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