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KCRL – Protecting family assets, promoting responsible lending

The Kentucky Coalition for Responsible Lending (KCRL) is a statewide coalition dedicated to protecting family assets by eliminating abusive financial practices.

Organizations are invited to join KCRL and take action to close the PayDay Lending Trap for Kentucky consumers

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4 responses

24 01 2010
scott cook

I support your views on Payday Lending practices, but there is a practice going on in KY many times more destructive, NSF/OD fees. These fees are short term loan fees disguised as a penalty for overdrawing an account. I worked as a bank manager for 16 years, and the fees are as predatory as they get. The poorer you are, the more likely you are paying these fees. Wealthy clients typically get these fees waived if they occur any. They also have alternative credit options available. The bank I worked at provided two different balances, a current bank balance and an available bank balance. Pick the wrong one to use before a purchase or withdrawl, and the fees begin to flow. $35.00 an item. My office typically took in $25,000 in Overdraft fees per MONTH.

8 06 2010
Lisa Gabbard

I agree, Scott, the overdraft/NSF fees are outrageous. However, as a former bank manager, I’m sure you know that states have no control over these. Capping payday lending rates is something out state can – and should have – done easily and freely! There is no excuse to not provide the same protections to Kentucky families that the United States Department of Defense has provided to military families. Thanks for your comment.

6 03 2011
Diane Lawless

I am on the LFUCG Council. I tried to send an email but it bounced back. I would love to talk to you. Thanks for your work. I am very interested.
Diane Lawless
3rd District Council Member
Lexington Fayette Urban County Government

10 10 2011
Ashley Wells

Hi, My name is Ashley Wells and I’m attending the University of Kentucky to obtain my Masters in Social Work. I am in a group on poverty and we are doing research on responsible lending and predatory lenders. My group and I need to attend a function or meeting dealing with the topics like responsible lending in the month of October or early November. I was hoping if possible someone could email me with possible meetings or functions with this topic. We would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you,
Ashley Wells, BSW
Family Support Worker

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