Coalition Membership

  1. AARP Kentucky
  2. Barren River Area Safe Space
  3. Barren River Asset Building Coalition
  4. Bell-Whitley CAA
  5. Bethany House Abuse Shelter
  6. Bluegrass Domestic Violence Program
  7. BUILD (Building a United Interfaith Lexington)
  8. Brighton Center
  9. Catholic Charities of Louisville
  10. Catholic Conference of Kentucky
  11. Center for Economic Development, Entrepreneurship and Technology
  12. Center for Great Neighborhoods of Covington
  13. Center for Women and Families
  14. Central Kentucky Housing and Homeless Initiative
  15. Central Kentucky Peace and Justice Coalition
  16. CLOUT (Citizens of Louisville Organized United Together)
  17. Coalition for the Homeless
  18. Community Action Kentucky
  19. Community Ventures Corporation
  20. Eastern Kentucky Asset Building Coalition
  21. Family Foundation
  22. Family Life Abuse Center
  23. Federal Home Loan Banking Cincinnati
  24. Federation of Appalachian Housing Enterprises
  25. Frontier Housing
  26. Gateway Homeless Coalition, Inc.
  27. Green River Asset Building Coalition
  28. Habitat for Humanity, Morehead
  29. Hager Educational Foundation
  30. Homeless and Housing Coalition of Kentucky
  31. Jewish Community Relations Council (Louisville)
  32. Kentucky AFL-CIO
  33. Kentucky Association of Counties
  34. Kentucky Asset Success Initiative
  35. Kentucky Council of Churches
  36. Kentucky Domestic Violence Association
  37. Kentucky Equal Justice Center
  38. Kentucky Habitat for Humanity
  39. Kentucky Poverty Law Center
  40. Kentucky Resources Council
  41. Kentucky Youth Advocates
  42. Lawrence & Augusta Hager Foundation
  43. Lexington Fair Housing Council
  44. Low Income Housing Coalition of East Kentucky (LINKS)
  45. LKLP Safe House
  46. Louisville Asset Building Coalition
  47. Louisville Urban League
  48. MACED
  49. Making Connections Louisville
  50. Merryman House
  51. Metropolitan Housing Coalition
  52. Metro United Way
  53. NAACP – Louisville/Jefferson County Branch
  54. N. KY Community Action Commission
  55. OASIS
  56. People’s Self Help Housing, Inc.
  57. RAISE KY
  58. Safe Harbor
  59. Sanctuary
  60. Sandy Valley Abuse Center
  61. Shelter of Hope
  62. SpringHaven
  63. St. Vincent De Paul
  64. Urban League of Lexington-Fayette County
  65. Welcome House


4 responses

1 03 2009
Rome Falls

It amazes me why our legislators do not see how onerous payday lending is. It is amazing that fairness and goodness are actions our legislators find too hard to demonstrate.

While the article today (Sunday 3/1/09) cites the past history our Governor and his pick for Secretary of Revenue have with the payday lending industry, these two individuals should now step forward and express their strong support for eliminating payday lending across Kentucky.

Perhaps publishing the names of legislators receiving campaign donations from this industry, including the amount, would quickly tell the story of those who believe in goodness and fairness.

Where are the banks in voicing the need for major changes to payday lending practices? Why is there not one bank on the membership list of this coalition? Perhaps the banks do not see helping the “unbanked” as “good business.” With most of the larger banks needing billions of dollars to remedy their “toxic assets”, one would think the banks would want to demonstrate their willingness to help stabilize the lives of those who are trying to build a stable financial future.

But when credit card companies are charging 29% and higher interest rates, why should the payday lenders feel obligated to adjust theirs.

10 03 2009
marty deputy

Hooray for Kentucky for the Responsible Lending coalition.

Check out the Arkansas Payday Predator coalition’s website:

On the their homepage a calculator figures the real per annum rate of a loan. Example: A friend gave me the following quote for a Bowling Green predator’s loan:
$75 fee $420 loan 14 days = 465.56% real per annum interest

There are three ways to go: education, legislation, and alternatives, but legislation stronger than HB seems to be the best way to go. Is it too late in this year’s Ky legislature to introduce a strong piece of legislation?

Have any banks, churches, or others set up alternatives?

11 03 2009
marty deputy

Few people believe it when I tell them the real per annum interest that payday lenders are charging.

Arkansas has a coalition similar to ours. On the home page, real per annum interest can be calculated. ie. a Bowling Green predator quoted a friend as follows: $420 loan 14 days $75 fee. The real interest is 465.56%!

6 10 2009
The Rouge Forum

We support your cause!

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