Take Action – Support House Bill 182

13 01 2011

Payday Lending Bill Needs Your Voice – Take Action for Kentucky

The push for a 36% rate cap needs your phone call to your state Representative.  The call is toll-free and takes minutes: 1-800-372-7181

Please share this message with your organization’s members and friends.

Quick Updates:

  • KCRL joined with Rep. Darryl Owens for new conference in support of House Bill 182. KCRL released new public opinion polling showing 73% of KY voters support a 36% cap on payday loans.
  • Rep. Jeff Greer, Chair of House Banking & Insurance has rescheduled the HB 182 hearing to Wednesday, Feb. 16 at 10:00 a.m. in Capitol Annex Room 149.
  • Rep. Darryl Owens (Louisville) filed House Bill 182 seeking a 36% cap on payday loans interest rates; 24 House co-sponsors signed-on;
  • House Speaker, Rep. Greg Stumbo (Prestonsburg), is quoted as saying the “data is in on payday lending”;
  • Rep. Jeff Greer (Brandenburg), Chair House Banking & Insurance Committee has publically spoken favorably about hearing HB 182 in B&I Committee;
  • Lawmakers return to Frankfort on February 1 for Part II of their 30-day session;
  • We’ve come this far because of your efforts, and we need to keep getting the message out. 

What You Can Do:  Contact your state representatives before February 1st.

Today, our message is simple:

  • As long as the state permits 400% interest rates on payday loans, families’ economic recovery will be hampered.
  • The database shows that right here, right now, payday loans are long-term debt, not the quick easy fix they claim.
  • Waiting will not help. The new data makes the case for capping the rates at 36%, just as Congress has done for the military and 17 states have done.

Connecting with Legislators:

Call – Governor Steve Beshear: 1-502-564-2611

Call – Senators and Representatives toll-free on their Legislative Message Line:

1-800-372-7181 • TTY Messages 1-800-896-0305 • En Español 1-866-840-6574

Find your representatives in the General Assembly online: www.lrc.ky.gov

Send your representatives email: http://www.lrc.ky.gov/Mailform/mailform.htm

Find KCRL on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/kyresponsiblelending

The LRC Message Center is open Monday – Thursday from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. and Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.  If you are calling your own Representative, make sure to let him or her know you’re from their district.  For each Rep, we’ve listed the counties they represent (below). (Telephone operators will deliver your message to your legislators. 

Action message for the Representative Jeff Greer – Chair Banking and Insurance Committee: The payday loan bill (HB 182) deserves a hearing!

Rep. Greer, Kentucky families deserve strong protection from the high costs of payday loans.  They shouldn’t have to wait.  Please schedule HB 182 for a hearing and support its passage.

Action message for Banking and Insurance committee members (see list below with links)

Please support HB 182, and cap payday loans with a 36% interest rate.  Kentucky families deserve strong protection from the high costs of payday loans.  They shouldn’t have to wait.

 House Banking and Insurance Committee and the counties they represent.  Click through to email them!

Member Counties
Rep. Jeff Greer [Chair] Bullitt, Hardin, Meade
Rep. James R. Comer [Vice Chair] Cumberland, Green, Metcalf, Monroe
Rep. Will Coursey [Vice Chair] Lyon, Marshall, McCracken (part)
Rep. Ron Crimm [Vice Chair] Jefferson (part)
Rep. Mike Denham [Vice Chair] Bracken, Fleming, Mason
Rep. Brent Housman [Vice Chair] McCracken (part)
Rep. Steve Riggs [Vice Chair] Jefferson (part)
Rep. Kevin Sinnette [Vice Chair] Boyd (part)
Rep. Johnny Bell Barren, Warren (part)
Rep. Dwight D. Butler Breckinridge, Bullitt (part), Daviess (part), Hancock, Hardin (part)
Rep. Robert R. Damron Fayette (part), Jessamine
Rep. Ted Edmonds Breathitt, Estill, Lee
Rep. Joseph M. Fischer Campbell (part)
Rep. Danny Ford Lincoln, Pulaski (part), Rockcastle
Rep. Jim Gooch Daviess (part), Hopkins (part), McLean, Webster
Rep. Sara Beth Gregory McCreary, Pulaski (part), Wayne
Rep. Mike Harmon Boyle, Washington
Rep. Dennis Horlander Jefferson (part)
Rep. Dennis Keene Campbell (part)
Rep. Adam Koenig Boone (part), Campbell (part), Kenton (part)
Rep. Brad Montell Shelby, Spencer (part)
Rep. Sannie Overly Bath, Bourbon, Fayette (part), Nicholas
Rep. Ryan Quarles Fayette (part), Scott
Rep. Jody Richards Warren (part)
Rep. Arnold Simpson Kenton (part)
Rep. Wilson Stone Allen, Simpson, Warren (part)
Rep. John Tilley Christian (part), Trigg (part)
Rep. Ken Upchurch McCreary, Pulaski (part), Wayne
Rep. David Watkins Henderson (part)



3 responses

3 02 2011

Are you out of your mind…I know that some of you have enough money that you dont live from payday to payday..But some of us do and need to use these services to keep the lights on or get the kids medicine when it is unexpected or when our car tears up and we ar short of money. Why is it the rich always think they are doing us poor a favor and instead they just make it impossible for us to live..So unless you are willing to help me out the next time I have a emergency then I suggest you vote NO to this HB 182!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10 02 2011
Another Former Payday Lending Manager

Responding to Janice’s Comment
It looks like to me if you use the payday lending service, you would agree to have them vote yes for the 36% rate cap, that would save you alot of money when you do need to borrow from these businesses.

14 02 2011

what post number 2 doesnt understand if they do the 36 percent thats annually so they can only charge around 5 percent per loan which doesnt allow extra money to pay for their exspenses or to pay their eemployees if this bill passes theyre will be no payday loan companies in kentucky. then the rich people win again….

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