Personal Stories from the Payday Lending Trap

5 10 2009

A Lawrenceburg wife and mother used a payday lender in 2001 to borrow less than $200 to cover her musician husband’s transportation expenses.  She wasn’t able to repay it within the two weeks and had to renew the loan.  She got caught in a cycle of paying minimum amounts and renewing the loan.  This went on for 18 months.  During that time, she was amassing other debts as well.  In the end, she had to refinance her home to pay off those debts as well as the payday loan.  In all, she paid back almost ten times the original loan in fees and interest.


A single mother of three in Owensboro borrowed about  $200 from a payday lender.  She wasn’t able to pay it off immediately; instead she made payments when she could.  The interest was adding up and over the course of 6 months, she paid back between $500 and $600, but still hadn’t paid the loan off.  Finally a relative paid the total in full for her, and she was able to repay him interest-free



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